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Items for sale at Las Terrazas de la Torre
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Post by kjl » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:01 pm

IKEA TV floor standing wall unit with dark wood veneer and white plastic storage boxes. In good condition with no scratches. €50 o.n.o.
This is my neighbours unit but as I am at TDLT at the moment you can contact me on 07855182227 if you want any more information or are interested in the item. I was planning to attach a photo but cannot work out how to attach it. So if you would like a photo contact me and I will email one to you. The size of the unit is 1.85m long x 1.50m high x 0.39m deep. The aperture for the TV is 1.40m wide x 0.92m high.
I have now found out the name of the unit, Ikea Lapland TV unit, and if you google this you will find pictures of the unit on the web.

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