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General upkeep gardens and apartment blocks

Area for general discussion about Las Terrazas de la Torre, Costa Calida and Murcia
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General upkeep gardens and apartment blocks

Post by TCAAIVA » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:29 pm

Can we say publicly, but as an owner, how nice it is to see the garden areas so nicely maintained. We always comment when visiting what a pleasure it is to see that as our resort is so well looked after. We made a point of saying to one of the gardeners how nice it looked and he certainly seemed to appreciate that we thanked him. A little motivational praise goes a long way!

One of our neighbours has recently had private (English) workmen in carrying out internal modifications. When we arrived the dust and debris left a mess throughout the stairways. We had to sweep and mop the area outside our apartment to stop it being brought in. By sheer chance the resort bock cleaners carried out their fortnightly duties a couple of days later. How pleased were we with the cleaner's commitment? As well as all the stairs, passageways and lift being mopped and cleaned (as we might expect), everything had been thoroughly wiped down, including handrails, safety trellises, floor selection buttons inside the lift and even the cleaning materials were pleasantly scented. We just had to thank the lady cleaner for doing such a good job. A few days later our daughter visited us. Without telling her the background and without any prompting she said "Oh, isn't this all nice and clean"

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