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Post by Carron21 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:39 pm

Hi guys, we’re new to the forum, looking to come out within the next month to see an apartment here which we are very keen on buying. We’ve been told we need an NIE before we can get into discussions prior to purchase, what is the best way to go about this, in the UK or Spain, appreciate your help

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Post by DavePerry » Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:15 pm

Not sure that you actually need the NIE for discussions. Our lawer did ours as part of the purchase process. I've pasted their quote below however it is two years old. You can do it yourself, many do but for this we decided to get the lawyer to sort with power of attorney.
Lawyer we used was behind Iceland & a very short walk from their office to the Notary.
They were very good, independent not the cheapest. Plenty of other good ones too as well not so good. Would suggest you are cautious about a lawyer reccomended by an agent.

I did send funds at my discretion, to the lawyer to cover the total cost of purchase as I wanted some control over exchange rates.

Good luck, it's worth it.
See my quotation fro MAM below from April 2017:

As an independent Legal Firm, we are prepared to act for you in the purchase of your property in Spain
As an experienced firm in conveyance, we are aware of the problems and difficulties that most foreigners find at the time of completing the purchase of a property in Spain and dealing with the paperwork involved, mainly due to the complexity of understanding a different legal system.
Our legal services include:
• Searches at the Land Registry to check that the property is freehold.
• Verification of Town Hall licenses.
• Upon client’s request to obtain builder’s bond in order to guarantee the stage payments. We need express request from client as it is necessary to contact the builder in order to confirm bank charges.
• Arrangement of the appointment and the necessary documents to sign the Title deed of Purchase in front of a public Notary.
• Personal assistance and translations for the client at the Notary's office or representation by power of attorney.
• Payment of all the expenditures involved in the completion of the contract (i.e. notary fees, taxes, Registration fees, etc.)
• On re-sales: searches in order to find out any outstanding debts corresponding to water, electricity, local rates or community bills.
• Arrangement of the contracts for water and electricity supplies of the property always included on re-sales and also in those new properties if the builder does not provide this service.
Our legal fees for the mentioned services are 1% + VAT of the purchase price with a minimum fee of 990 € + VAT.
Please note that according to Spanish Tax Authorities, foreign owners of properties in Spain compulsory need to get a NIE number (tax number), so next time you come to Spain let us know in order to make the arrangements to obtain it, because you will need it for completion. If you are not coming to Spain in the short term we can apply for it with a Power of Attorney. Our fees for each N.I.E. are 100 € (VAT included).
In order for us to work efficiently for you, communication between you and ourselves is of the utmost importance, therefore we would appreciate it if you could confirm receipt of this letter either by fax or email and please let us know if you intend to take out a Spanish mortgage at all.
You must take into account that Transmission Tax to be paid is 8% on the agreed price and you should also budge 1.200 € approximately to cover Notary and Land Registry fees.
Finally, you must also let us know if you wish for us to prepare a Power of Attorney, which will enable us to carry out all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf without you needing to be in Spain. Please note that the Power of Attorney is a very formal document under Spanish law and therefore, the signing of it needs to be witnessed by a Notary Public.
José-María Martínez-Abarca
TEL 902 555 095/ FAX 968 56 60 38

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